Manchester Centre for Biophysics and Catalysis (MCBC)

For Industry

Outsourcing R&D

MCBC develops programmes with external partners in most areas of research expertise.

Existing industrial partnerships

MCBC works with a number of industrial partners. These range from SMEs to large pharmaceutical companies (e.g. Shell, AstraZeneca, DSM, TgK). Our work with external partners involves major research projects, involving postdoctoral and research studentships, partnerships with the research councils and industry, CASE awards and similar

Technology development

Technology development is a major theme of the Centre. We work with instrument developers to generate next generation biophysical instruments, for example specialised applications in laser/infra red spectroscopy, high pressure NMR spectroscopy and high pressure optical spectroscopy

Staff training & development

We can offer specialised training in specific areas of our expertise. Initial inquiries should be made through the contacts page

Student & graduate training

The Centre offers an excellent opportunity for interdisciplinary training in all areas of our remit. Students and research staff frequently engage in broad ranging programmes that provide experience and training in experimental and theoretical approaches available within the Centre.