Manchester Centre for Biophysics and Catalysis (MCBC)

Microfabrication and nanotechnology

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Activity in the Centre is supported by the Miniaturisation Group which has specialized expertise in the development of microfluidic devices that incorporate fully integrated optical monitoring and detection. Design, fabrication, analysis and 'scale out' of microreactor platforms incorporating enzyme and protein systems or networks is an important component of our catalysis programmes designed to open up new routes to the supply of high value compounds.

The Miniturisation Group claims a number of ‘firsts’: integration of an electro-osmotically driven assay systems with optical waveguide detection; resonant grating sensors; integration of leaky waveguides into microfluidic measurement devices. The Group is developing light-activated enzyme microreactors for chemicals manufacture, drawing on expertise elsewhere in MCBC in chemical biology, bioengineering and evolution.