Manchester Centre for Biophysics and Catalysis (MCBC)


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The Centre is a world-leading interdisciplinary environment spanning interests in physical sciences and molecular systems biology. The Centre provides researchers with access to state-of-the-art facilities and expert training in biophysical, structural, computational and chemical approaches to biology. The Centre comprises a number of well-funded laboratories with excellent research opportunities for post-graduate students, post-doctoral research associates and independent research fellows.

[-] Jobs

We currently have the following research positions available in the MCBC. Please contact us for further details.


[-] PhD opportunties

We offer a wide range of different PhD programmes that cover all of the various disciplines present in the Centre. Opportunities are available to undertake pioneering interdisciplinary projects within a vibrant and well-funded research Centre. In addition, the University provides a comprehensive and innovative transferable skills training programme. Prospective students can apply to work with a specific academic member of staff through the postgraduate recruitment office in their respective School.

Further postgraduate information:

Alternatively please contact us for further information.

[-] Prospective research fellows

The Centre encourages individuals to consider joining the Centre as independent research fellows. In many cases, independent research fellows secure permanent academic positions within the Centre and academic School. We aim to attract high calibre research fellows who wish to develop links with other members of the Centre to tackle major research challenges in the field.

If you interested in fellowships within the Centre, contact us for more information.